The red sole of Christian Louboutin

Author: AmaItaly |

Do you know the beautiful Cristian Louboutin shoes that stand out for the red sole? In these days has arrived a (further) very important sentence in the fashion world. The European Court of Justice has ruled that the red sole can only be used by the well-known Christian Louboutin brand! In fact, this is an important decision that put an end to the counterfeiting lawsuit that Christian Louboutin had brought against the Van Haren brand, a Dutch company that in 2012 had sold heeled shoes with the famous red sole. According to the judges of Luxembourg the scarlet sole "is a mark of position and not of form" and therefore Louboutin is right. A decision that in fact reverses what had affirmed last February the attorney general of the Court of Justice itself and that reopens the game (infinite) on the exclusivity of use of the red sole by Louboutin, already questioned in the

past by a cause with Saint Laurent. And the story continues …