About AmaItaly

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Bringing Italy to You

AmaItaly Sarasota is a women’s clothing store created by Italians who have decided to bring from overseas the unique image of Italian beauty and aesthetics to conquer and fascinate every woman and man making them feel like a star every day.

Our articles are produced in Italian factories. Our leather handbags are superior to mass-produced handbags, following leather-working traditions and using quality leather, resulting in fashionable and lasting pieces, proud to be shown.

Every handbag we make is a hand-finished original work with a distinctive hardware and finishing, built to last by our Italian artisans.

Italy is a country with traditions of art and craftsmanship and those are the same for a big fashion house or a family run business.

We want to bring to you beautifully handcrafted Italian leather bags that don’t have to be pricey but at the same time they are truly a work of Italian tailoring, design and workmanship with quality. Because remember that real, good quality Italian Leather can be affordable as well as being exclusively expensive. It all depends on what you want to do and how you want to market it.

Since not everyone has the ability or time to come to Italy to do shopping, we want to bring to you affordable beautiful handmade Italian leather products at the right price.

With that in mind, we use factories that produce and manufacture quality merchandise for quite some time so to provide you, our customer, with these beautiful clothing items as well as hand-made Italian leather goods. We hope you like our products and are proud to show them to those around you.


Italy is one of the leading countries in the world market of leatherwear, shoes and other leather goods and Tuscany is famous for its artisanal crafts and products. The quality of the handmade leather-ware is very high and, generally, based on a long, local tradition. Tuscany is particularly known for its leatherworking tradition and its great experience in the production of high quality leather handbags, shoes, purses and jackets, as well as wallets, belts and other leather accessories.

Leather is made by subjecting the hide of an animal to a lengthy treatment process. People have been working with leather for thousands of years and Italy has been famous for leather production for centuries. Florence is particularly famous for its leather, and in Milan, Italy’s capital of fashion, Italian leather is used almost exclusively by high fashion houses. Because Italian brands tend to dominate the fashion world, Italian leather has come to be closely associated with quality, fashion and good taste.

This is where our handbags and leather products are produced – they are hand-made in Italy using Italian leather.

Quality Guaranteed

The Made in Italy label has been in use since 1980 to indicate the high quality of materials, the elegance of style and of course the Italian design. The Made in Italy brand signifies the international uniqueness of Italy in four traditional industries: fashion, food, furniture and mechanical engineering (automobiles, industrial design, machineries and shipbuilding). In Italian this is also known as the “Four A’s”: Abbigliamento (Fashion), Agroalimentare (Food), Arredamento (Furniture) and Automobili (Automotive).

Since 1999, the label Made in Italy has begun to be protected by associations such as Istituto per la Tutela dei Produttori Italiani (Institute for the Protection of the Italian Manufacturers) and regulated by the Italian law. When you see the Made-in-Italy stamp you know this is a guarantee that all raw materials and production methods follow our strict guidelines. This is done to guarantee that the products leaving our country with this label do follow the standards that are expected of all Italian produce sent abroad. In our stores we do make sure that these standards are followed and are kept in, in producing our goods.